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Repair / Rebuild

Servicing a Truck

We Offer Servicing on all Forktrucks.

Regular servicing is the key to reliaility. We recommend that all trucks should be serviced at least once every year.  We have held our prices for servicing. please call for prices today!

Daily Checks which will help to keep your Forktruck up and running!



Daily Checks:

  • Ensure oil/water are checked
  • Tyres and wheel nuts are checked
  • Fan belts and safety guards/warning lights are working

Ensure that your Forktruck Drivers are familar with the daily checks routine in order for you to same time 
and money.

We offer the following Service for your Forktrucks:

  • Yearly service contracts/LOLA now required every year.
  • Service emergency Call outs
  • Service repair work
  • Full Makeover and service work
  • Trucks are serviced on site, or can be repaired in
    our workshop


Call us on 01727 821460 or fill in our contact us form today, and will we reply back to you.